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Three Hi-Tech and Innovative Gate Intercom Manufacturers

08/28/2015 Back To Blog

Modern day intercom systems are a brilliant example of 21st century processing power being mixed with objects in our daily lives to make them smart. This is fantastic for people who want the systems installed because in general this technology doesn’t come at an exorbitant price. This is because these manufacturers have made innovative use of already existing tech like Bluetooth, mobile technology and the internet, which can already be found in most homes.Three Hi-Tech and Innovative Gate Intercom Manufacturers

3 Examples of Innovative Intercom Manufacturers

I’ve seen intercom systems develop from clunky, white plastic, crackling devices that sometimes worked, to automated, night vision camera systems that sync up to smartphones, house-phones and tablets. These are just some of the manufacturers that brought these technological marvels to the market.

Doorking intercom systems have a wide array of gate operating, access control and telephone entry solutions which will make an entrance seem like something out of a science fiction film, or blend in quietly. Their designs are sleek and take advantage of developing communication technologies to give you high quality and reliable intercom systems in your home, or on your phones and tablets.

Linear intercoms make use of mobile technology and apps to give you complete control over the entrance to your home, from anywhere. Whether you’re in the bathroom, kitchen, the office or Spain, you can still open your gate with the swipe of a finger using a mobile device.

Aiphone intercom systems are classic, modern or a hybrid of the two. These products are affordable and of an excellent quality. Their systems employ video to help you know exactly who is entering your home. They use control panels which can be fixed to a point in your home, or be carried around with you for the sake of convenience.

These three manufacturers really do make exceptional products, which are made for basic communication solutions, advanced gate security or just as awesome toys.

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