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Do not miss out on the opportunity to obtain valuable tips on automatic gates which are available for free. In our professional experience, we have discovered that many owners do not know enough about these systems to use them completely safely and effectively. Our goal is to change this by providing more practical advice.

Rolling Gate Maintenance & Emergency Repair Services

Some gate tips can make a difference to your life! Related to safety and security matters, the following ideas will help you deal with problems and also make the right decisions to help you avoid most issues. Check them out right here! Scroll down and gain some more knowledge of gates.

Make sure you get the right gate parts

Each gate weighs a few hundred pounds, at the very least. When you choose new parts, make sure they are of the right size and durable enough to hold, carry and move the gate. Our specialists say that it's not prudent to invest in poor quality parts. It's prudent to choose good quality steel and in some cases galvanized parts will spare you the hassle of dealing with rust.

Make sure that the gate moves smoothly

With new gate installation, you have to be able to move it easily. So, it's important for you to make sure it is installed properly and the right measurements have been taken. The gate must open and close easily even years later and so you must maintain and check the swing gate hinges and rollers, the sliding gate wheels, hinge welding and the posts.

Use only mild cleaners for the gate panels and posts

If you have a steel gate or an iron one, you should use liquid detergent dissolved in water. Consider using a stronger detergent only when preparing the unit for repainting. If you have a wood gate, you should clean it only with a slightly damp cloth or a product which has been especially formulated for cleaning wood.

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