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For many years now, “Gate Repair Fullerton” has been providing both residences and commercial centers with professional gate services. We do know how vital it is to have a fully functioning gate in order to maintain the security of the premise. It is a widely known fact that with the developments in technology today, the threats to the safety of people have worsened as well. This being the case, it is important that people counter said threats with updated security measures to better protect themselves. This is exactly where our company can help. With our services, our clients can be assured that access to their business premises and homes will be far from easy.

Count on Our Professional Gate Services

In our line of work, we have encountered many cases of customers getting locked out of their own business or residence due to a gate that would not open. And in each of these instances, our team of professional driveway gate service providers came through and fixed the issues as fast as possible. Time is of the essence in such cases.  Equipped with only the best tools and equipment to perform their job, every one of our servicemen is trained and capable of new gate installation, repairing or replacing of the gate and its parts, in gate motor replacement, and basically anything related to your gate system.  Maintaining your gate is important to ensure its proper functioning. You can count on us to provide you with reliable and affordable regular maintenance sessions.

Gate Repair Fullerton is a service company that you can depend on to provide professional gate services. And so, if you ever need a reliable service provider to fix, install or maintain your gate, all you need to do is give us a call!

Exit & Safety Loops Installation

When a gate opener is set into place, exit & safety loops installation is required as well. This is necessary for keeping the automated system functional and safe. The installation process begins with determining the sections where the loops will be installed and their size. Then the required slots are cut into the pavement so that they form rectangular shapes. Usually, there are three rectangles - two for the safety loops and one for the exit one. The insulated wire designed especially for the purpose is set into the slots and its ends are taken to the loop detector. Once the wire is in place, the slots are covered with sealant that blends into the pavement. The next step involves adjusting the settings of the loop detector and connecting the wire ends to it. When the detector is powered, electricity passes through the connected loops and magnetic fields are created.

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