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Some customers send feedback and reviews about the gate services they received from us. Read their testimonials and see what they have to say about us. This is also a great way for you to have a better understanding on the type of service we offer.

Swing Gate Hinges & Posts Repair & Replacement

Hardly expected quick gate repair

“It was obvious that the chain of our rolling gate had broken and the problem was that we didn't know how fast someone would have it replaced. So, we made some calls to companies we found online and ended up choosing Gate Repair Fullerton. It wasn't just the fact that they promised to send a technician for the job the same day; it was also the way this guy talked and how professional he sounded! As promised, the technician was at our house soon after, had the sliding gate chain replacement with him and went straight to work. I also appreciated that he checked the movement of the gate several times. Great service!”

Happy with this gate team

“We were contemplating whether to install a new gate or not for quite some time, but didn't rush it because we wanted to ask around about new openers and gate intercom systems as well. We were talking about it with some friends one night when they suggested Gate Repair Fullerton. My husband talked to the staff of this gate company the next day and to our surprise, they told us everything we needed to know. It took one appointment to find out all the things we were searching for. We were more than happy and also loved the new gate, opener and intercom installation service.”

Full Swing Gate Repair Service

"When I noticed the gate was slightly sinking, I called this company for post repair. The technician inspected the whole system carefully and then focused on fixing the problem. He readjusted the post and secured it firmly in place. The adjustment was perfectly accurate. The guy also tightened the swing gate hinges and lubricated them a bit. Since the post is made of wood, he also repaired some slightly decayed spots to ensure that it would be strong. He also explained every step so I am sharing it all with you now. I got an excellent service from Gate Repair Fullerton. That is why I would certainly hire this company again if I need repair."

Wrought Iron Gate Replaced Fast

“My family home has a beautiful wrought iron fence, but the gate wasn’t galvanized properly and rusted over the years. Of course we had to fix this. My next-door neighbor had similar problems and recommended Gate Repair Fullerton. At first I was nervous about them damaging the rest of the fence, but they replaced our wrought iron gate without any issues. They were quick and convenient. They gave us instructions for maintaining it. I could tell they very experienced and knew just what to do. The price was more than fair, and the service was great. If I have any more issues with it, I’m contacting them.”


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