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If you are looking to learn more about automatic gates alongside their functioning and proper use, this is the right web page. Here, discover the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to these electric systems. Read the information carefully and use it effectively.

Thorough Residential Gate Maintenance Service

Should I install my new gate alone to save money?

It's not recommended for homeowners to install their new gates alone. As our experts explain, gates are heavy and you won't be able to control their weight on your own. If they are not installed properly, you will have balance issues or won't be able to close it right. You might end up paying more for new gate installation if similar mistakes are made.

How do I avoid moisture in the opener's control box?

Since the whole residential gate opener system is installed outdoors, you can't avoid all moisture issues but you can minimize them by getting a high quality control box and making sure it shuts well. You can also have it sealed. Make sure to check often for condensation, as it might cause damage to the circuit.

When is a pedestrian gate a good choice?

These are usually one-sided swing gates which are quite small. Most are designed to enable the passing of one person at a time. A pedestrian gate can give you direct access to the alley behind your house, for example. You can also set this type of gate for every passageway on your property once you fence it.

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