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Two easy ways to keep your gates in good order

08/28/2015 Back To Blog

Two easy ways to keep your gates in good orderNot everyone has the experience needed to fix complicated machinery when it breaks, frustration is often felt by millions around the world when they find that for some confounding reason, their electric gate won’t open. The thing is that when this happens, it is usually due to one of two things which can be easily avoided if you give them just a bit of your time and attention. These are problems with solutions that are so simple, they are easily overlooked.

1. Take actual care of your remotes

Remote controls often get harshly mistreated. Once they are attached to keychains they get dropped, tossed, bumped, scratched and left in the heat all day, every day. The little guys are generally hardy but they can only take so much. The average gate user goes through plenty of remotes in the entrance’s lifespan. This can be greatly reduced if you keep the controller safely in the car instead of carrying it around. Or better yet, get a receiver with internet capabilities and use your phone instead.

2. Keep an eye on the details

Have you ever noticed how it seems that the smallest parts of your system are meant to take the most strain? Things like gate wheels, hinges and motor chains are based on age old and trustworthy designs to perform such tasks, but even they will give in eventually. Keep a close eye on their condition, because they are so small or hidden that they often go unseen until the day they give you trouble.

As you can see these aren’t exactly difficult tasks, but they easily slip the mind or go unnoticed in the static of daily life. But by being just a bit mindful of these 2 things, you will experience less trouble, and also be prepared for it when you do.

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